Preservation of the biodiversity of ferments

Aerial et l’AMF s’associent pour préserver la biodiversité de ferments impliqués dans la fabrication et l’affinage du Munster fermier au lait cru

The production of farmhouse Munster cheese requires the presence of ferments (called technological flora) which give it its typicality (color, texture, taste, smell…). Aerial and the Association of Munster Farmers (AMF) have been partners for several years in the framework of a research and development project. It aims at preserving the biodiversity of these wild strains from the terroir. After taking samples on different farm production sites (raw milk, matured farmhouse Munster), in order to establish a conservatory of microbial strains, Aerial has carried out in its microbiology laboratory, a screening on a total of about 800 strains collected in order to select the best candidates. Fourteen strains of yeast and bacteria for refining were selected. To improve their conservation and use, they were freeze-dried in Aerial’s freeze-drying R&D laboratory. Aerial has selected two cocktails of ferments which are currently being tested. The first results are very encouraging. Tests at producers are planned in 2022.

The Chamber of Agriculture supervises the APMF (Association for the support of producers of Munster Fermier and other farm dairy products of the Vosges Mountains) that is to say 200 farmers on the Vosges massif (Alsace and Lorraine) the AMF ensures the technical support and the monitoring of the sanitary quality.