Aerial: 35 years of activity, a new international recognition and a new President…

“The renewal of this label obtained for the first time in 2016 recognizes our know-how and excellence in the field of electron beam and X-ray ionization treatments and associated dosimetry.  This multisectoral technology has a wide range of applications, from the sterilization of medical devices or food decontamination, to the improvement of material properties for the automotive or aerospace industries, …” explains Alain Strasser, director of Aerial.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary culture, Aerial has just celebrated its 35th anniversary, accompanying companies of all sizes in their innovation projects with R&D, expertise and customized training services.
Its local anchorage, in particular in the service of the food industry, and international by its specific competences in ionization and freeze-drying makes it an extremely operational, atypical and original structure in the national landscape of innovation and technology transfer.
After 25 years of presidency within this entity with associative status, Marie-Christine Berang wished to pass the torch. Michel Heibel, a young retiree and former Head of Higher Education and Research at the Economic Development and Attractiveness Department of the Strasbourg Eurometropolis, has taken over since the beginning of the summer.
“I wish to bring to Aerial my deep knowledge of the local innovation ecosystem, my thirty years of professional experience – both theoretical and practical – and my strong desire to accompany the Aerial success story, in support of a certain strategic vision, towards new and stimulating horizons”. 

Michel Heibel, President of Aerial

From left to right: Marie-Christine Berang (former President) – Alain Strasser (Director) – Michel Heibel (new President of Aerial)

There is no doubt that the new team Michel Heibel (President) – Alain Strasser (Director) will be able to perpetuate, with the whole team (about thirty people including 12 PhDs), the fundamental work undertaken by Aerial these last 35 years and to take up the numerous future challenges.
In particular, it will be necessary to fully exploit the new equipment built in 2019 (feerix project), an experimental ionization station based on a Rhodotron electron gas pedal with a beamline configuration that is unique in the world. This project is already attracting strong interest from industrialists and laboratories at the local, national and international levels. 

Aerial in a few figures 

  • 35 years of experience,
  • 2 national labels and an expertise recognized worldwide,
  • more than 200 industrial contracts per year,
  • nearly 150 multi-year research programs conducted in 35 years,
  • more than 400 trainees supervised in 35 years,
  • more than 1000 industrial partners in France and around the world,
  • partnerships in more than 50 different countries.

more about the redesignation : Aerial Centre de Collaboration de l’Agence Internationale de l’Energie Atomique

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