Detection of irradiated food products

The labelling of irradiated food products is mandatory (Directive L66/16 (1999).  Aerial has the technical and scientific means and skills to meet the demands of manufacturers and control laboratories to verify the compliance of their food products with these regulations.

Our activity

detection by thermo luminescence

Aerial Implements the following standardised methods for the detection of ionised foods

AERIAL is approved by DGCCRF for irradiated food product detection.

  • EN 1788: 2001Foodstuffs – Thermoluminescence detection of irradiated food from which silicate materials can be isolated
  • EN 1785: 2003Foodstuffs – Detection of irradiated food containing fat – Gas chromatographic analysis of 2-alkylcyclobutanones”
  • EN 1784: 1996 Foodstuffs – Detection of irradiated food containing fat – Gas chromatography of hydrocarbons
  • EN 1786:1996 -Foodstuffs – Detection of irradiated food containing bone – Method by ESR spectroscopy
  • EN 1787: 2000Foodstuffs – Detection of irradiated food containing cellulose by ESR spectroscopy
  • EN 13708: 2000 Foodstuffs – Detection of irradiated food containing sugar by ESR spectroscopy

Zoom on European regulation

EU countries must use validated or standardised analytical methods to detect irradiated foods.

Implemented tools

  • Gas chromatograph (GC) coupled to a mass spectrometer
  • Electronic paramagnetic resonance spectrometer (E.P.R.),
  • Thermoluminometer
  • X-ray and electron beam irradiation source
EPR spectrometer

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