Radiation processing Control and dosimetry

Radiation processing consists in exposing a product to an electron or X-ray beam from an accelerator or to Gamma rays emitted by a radioactive source.

This treatment is characterized by the dose, the amount of absorbed energy per mass unit of the treated product. The dose unit is the Gray (Gy). 1 Gray = 1 Joule absorbed per kilogram of irradiated material. This process can be applied to many product covering very wide industrial sectors. 

Aerial is to assist its partners in various aspect of radiation processing control and dosimetry.

Irradiation tests and optimization for the benefit of industries/laboratories

Sectors concerned are :

  • Sectors concerned are :
  • Packaging (decontamination, sterilization,…)
  • Medical and paramedical devices (sterilization)
  • Para-pharmacy and cosmetology (aseptization, sterilization,…)
  • Environment (treatment of waste, water, poluants…)
  • Polymer materials (improvement of chemical properties)
  • Electronics (modification of semiconductors electrical conduction properties)
  • Jewellery and cosmetics (colouring of semi-precious stones and glasses)

Assistance in implementing radiation sources (electron accelerator, X-rays, Gamma)

  • Studies for the implementation of radiation source in industrial environment
  • Radiation plant definition/sizing and qualification of plant manufacturers
  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Operational Qualification (OQ)
  • Performance Qualification (PQ)
  • Definition/choice of process monitoring method

Assistance in implementing dosimetry systems

  • Calibration and verification of dosimetry systems according to current standards (Alanine, GEX Windose, GEX DoseStix, CTA, FWT, Gafchromic, Gammachrome, Harwell Red and Amber Perspex…)
  • Calibration of Reference irradiation sources (electron accelerator, Gamma, X-rays)
  • Performance qualification of Dosimetry systems (uncertainty, reproducibility, stability, environmental effects, etc.)
  • Research for new dosimetry systems (optical measurements, Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), calorimetry, electrical quantities, etc.)

Training in irradiation process control and dosimetry

  • Radiation process control (IQ/OQ/PQ/Process Monitoring)
  • Dosimetry and calibration
  • Radiation sterilization and microbiology
  • Impact of radiation on material

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Tools and softwares for dosimetty

Aerial develops dose measurement equipment (hardware and software) to contribute to quality control in the field of radiation processing. This equipments are used in the radiation industry and laboratories for dosimetry control during IQ/OQ/PQ and monitoring of the irradiation process and complies with relevant standards in the field.

Types of irradiated samples
in electron and X-ray mode:
All solid products, packaged, in sheets or in bulk (Cables, liquids, powder products, wires, tubes…)

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