labs and equipments

Efficient laboratories

Microbiology labs class 2 & 3

  • Molecular Biology Laboratory

Thermal analyses

ATD, freeze-drying microscope,
impedance-metry, crystallization rate

Physico chemistry

  • HPLC, CPG, LC-MS, GC-MS thermoluminometer,…


EPR spectrometer,
optical spectrophotometer, calorimetry

Sensory analysis

2 computerized tasting rooms (13 and 8 boxes),
Preparation and stock room.

Specific devices

A multisensor NMR spectrometer

The  High Field NMR Spectrometer is a powerful and versatile instrument for studying the physical, chemical and biologicalproperties of matter. Its three multicore probes allow targeted and non-targeted quantitative analysis of liquid, solid and semi-solid matrices. With a dedicated team of experts and multidisciplinary PhDs, this tool serves the various activity fields of Aerial.  

Experimental freeze-drying units

specialized in the development of freeze-drying cycles and the formulation of chemical or biological products.  

Telstar Lyobeta 25, 1 laboratory within the factory school EASE.

A unique platform dedicated to radiation processing

Aerial’s platform is composed of 4 electron beam and X-ray irradiation facilities, including Feerix.

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In all its fields of expertise, we offer tailor-made training courses after analysing the need in the company.

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general manager