Our expertise skills

Aerial is the preferred partner for your research, innovation and industrial development projects, whatever their stage of maturity.
With their proven know-how, our teams support you in terms of R&D, expertise and training.

Bio-industries pharmaceutical industry

  • Specific formulation for lyophilization and radiosterilization of active ingredients (living biological product, chemical and biological molecules, drugs, vaccines…);
  • Development and optimization of freeze-drying cycles and implementation at the pilot scale (early stage); 
  • Support for the transfer to the industrial scale (scale-up); 
  • Radiosterilization of medical devices (microencapsulated drugs, dressings, therapeutic proteins…).

Materials and environment

  • Improvement of physico-chemical properties by irradiation (polymers, composites…); 
  • Radiosterilization of medical devices for single or implantable use; 
  • Validation of the quality of ionization treatment; 
  • Depollution and sanitation by irradiation. 

Agri-food industry

Microbiological quality - food safety

  • Technological expertise in manufacturing processes; 
  • Estimation of the microbiological shelf life; 
  • Predictive microbiology; 
  • Research, identification and typing of microorganisms; 
  • Characterization of flora of technological interest (protection against pathogens). 

Organoleptic quality

Why? Examples:

  • Research into specific organoleptic criteria;
  • Assistance in the choice of formulations or comparison with market products;
  • Evaluation of the DMD (Date of Minimum Durability).


  • Hedonic tests (acceptability or preference) with consumer panels in the sensory evaluation laboratory or at home;
  • Descriptive analysis (sensory profile) with qualified panels, experts;
  • Analytical tests, discrimination tests. Search for specific organoleptic criteria.

Nutritional quality

  • Development of analytical methods for compounds of nutritional interest; 
  • Determination of nutritional profiles and identification of bioactive molecules; 
  • Nutritional audits 
  • Technical support for the development and enhancement of food products.