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The best dose of innovation

Founded in 1985,  Aerial is an internationally well-Known structure that combines on a single site a multidisciplinary team of around 25 individuals (project managers, researchers, engineers and senior technicians).
At each level of technological maturity, we are the partner for your innovation and industrial development projects.

A training project?

In all its fields of expertise, we offer tailor-made training courses after analysing the need in the company.

Irradiated food product detections

Aerial CRT has the human and technological means to support companies and institutions in their detection requirements.

Dosimetry Tools

Softwares for dosimetry process control

Software and tools for dosimetry

In the domain of radiation processing (sterilization, polymers, food, wastes …), the process control of the treatment is vitally important.

Aerial  is a member of AFCRT